All About Annie

For the entire month of September I will be posting pics and causes that make me super happy to be headed in to my 25th year. Today I celebrate Annie, who came into my life as a suggestion from a therapist to help with depression after leaving my full time job. She’s a cuddle bug with a sweet soul that we adopted from Operation Kindness in Dallas (a no-kill shelter where we were living at the time). 


Annie was four when we adopted her, and had just had puppies at the beginning of the year. Her fur was matted, she was shrunk back in her kennel. I actually cried when I saw her because I could just tell that what she needed most in the world was to be loved. And we’ve gotten so much in return. She’s six years old now, and she’s been a little bit of hope for me on some of my worst days in my worst year. 


If it weren’t for amazing no-kill shelters like Operation Kindness and Austin Pets Alive!, sweet puppies like Annie (and our other furball, Dusty) wouldn’t have a chance. There are thousands of animals in need, and without no-kill shelters, they die waiting to be taken home in overcrowded shelters that lack funding to support the constant influx of animals. If you wnat to help solve the problem, you can make sure to spay and neuter your pets and choose adoption over going through breeders.


Adopting animals from shelters in your area is the most responsible way to expand your furry family – and a cause I hope you can support by donating at the link below:

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