My name is Madie Riley. I’m a writer, actor and producer based out of Austin, TX. I write content hoping to inspire people to do good, get involved in their community and think critically about the world they interact with. You can find me on Instagram, Tik Tok, and become a patron on my Patreon.

I’m a UT Communications graduate and faithful Austinite hoping to work with local Austin brands to promote the best of Austin’s offerings in fashion and beauty. I encourage my followers to shop local, handmade products when they can, and to always look for ethically made, clean products. I do work with larger brands because not everything is made in Austin; in these partnerships I focus on brands that mirror our values.

How can we work together?

As an actress, influencer and entrepreneur in Austin, I’m constantly posting about my favorite people, places and things. Because I am picky about who I’ll work with, my followers know any brand I promote is worth their investment. I have a policy of 100% honesty with the people who follow me, and I know that makes me a credible first source for advice. If you’re a local Austin business doing cool things in the community, I’d love to collaborate on getting your name out. You can contact me at