I’m so pumped about the new followers joining #myinvalidlife and wanted to give some quick facts about the mostly stable woman behind the account:
1) my name is Madie Riley, I graduated from UT in 2014 and took a few years to realize that what I studied wasn’t what I wanted for my life.
2) I spent the last threeish years mostly in my house, which is why I call myself a Recovering Hermit.
3) I grew up really religiously and was taught that life had to look a certain way for me to be happy – turns out life can be whatever way you need it to make you happy. That’s what My Invalid Life is all about.
4) I’m a really big nerd who also likes beautiful things. I love TV and books and a trip to whatever museum is closest.
5) I’m an actress dipping her feet back into the business – cross your fingers and toes for me.


More questions?? Message me or comment below – I’m so glad to know you ♥️

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