I am not a crazy Plexus lady or someone who throws parties you feel obligated to go to spend grocery money on necklaces. But BoxyCharm has literally changed the way I buy makeup. And saved me a ton of money by doing so.


Every month I get four to five full size products for $20. Considering the products are usually about a $200 value, I’m telling you – BoxyCharm is a steal. In fact, I’ve been using them for less than a year but the majority of the makeup I use every day is in fact BoxyCharm provided. The picture below shows you everything in my current makeup and skincare that came from BoxyCharm this year. And that doesn’t even include the stuff I don’t use on a weekly basis (I have an entirely separate storage system for my less frequently used products – yes, I know I have a cosmetics problem).


And if you want to see what those products look like in action, my makeup for the headshot in this post and everything I used for application was 100% BoxyCharm. The lipstick is MAC Liptensity Lipstick from the April 2018 box – I’m a huge fan!

Use this referral link to get started with your own BoxyCharm journey – they’re having a special so the waitlist is on hold (Act fast, it took me three months to get off the waitlist when I first started)!


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