When it comes to multi-channel marketing, there’s really not a better channel for someone to discover your brand than through a publication or channel they trust.

For the language services industry, the trusted publications are Multilingual magazine and Slator, with the former acting as the editorial hub for the industry, and the latter as the intelligence hub. If you want a language service company to find you seemingly organically (which is true at Boostlingo), then these are the media groups you need to work with.

Popping up all over the place for a specific persona (seemingly organically)

For Slator as a brand, LinkedIn is a huge hub for their readers. If you think of brands doing intelligence gathering and market research, they’ll be a more sophisticated team definitely on the platform.

So, we worked with their team to do a few different types of placements: Slatorpod, their YouTube show, press releases on their website and LinkedIn page, and by using their studies to create our advertising.

The ad we created from Slator data ran on LinkedIn to our prospect audience as well as to anyone who fit parameters and liked Slator’s page. We saw some great movement from the combination of channels.

Multilingual has a focus on stories vs data, so we did a campaign built around one of our client’s with an amazing background. Barbier International is building indigenous employment through interpreting in Guatemala, so we did a LinkedIn Live, pitched and placed the story in Multilingual, and ran advertisements along side that content when it debuted in their print magazine with a global distribution of 70,000 readers.

We included a trunkated link to a dedicated landing page where users could download a case study that demonstrated high value to LSCs specifically.

Additionally we ran a LinkedIn ad with this same case study targeting fans of Multilingual to increase multi-channel touches.

We saw a 36% increase in this type of prospect in 2022 — largely thanks to campaigns like these.

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