Being on camera is a really strange experience. The first few times I saw pictures of myself I was totally thrown off. I seriously thought my skin was the glowing kind. But I realized that all of the foundation I was wearing to cover up my blemishes was super obvious on screen. So I decided to start investing in products that would really nourish my skin and make all of that coverup less necessary. 

My Morning Routine

My Evening Routine

At night, my routine is just a little more involved because it requires getting my skin extra clean from the day so nothing stays in my pores overnight. I swear by GLAMGLOW’s Galactic Cleanse – a slick cleanser designed especially to get off hard-to-remove makeup. I use this first and then follow up with Tatcha’s cleanser, The Deep Cleanse. On alternating nights I use a chemical exfoliant (don’t worry it’s really not as scary as it sounds. Chemical exfoliants are the best option to get under the top layer of your skin to attack things like blackheads. Topical exfoliants can cause a lot of damage to your skin if you’re trying too hard to get into your pores – they just aren’t made for that). Right now I’m using Neo Gen’s Bio-Peel, but First Aid Beauty has a really great peel I’d recommend as well. Otherwise, I use that same Fresh toner. Then I follow up with Tatcha’s Water Cream moisturizer for my face and Kiehl’s Cream Eye Treatment for that sensitive skin under the eye and on the eyelid.

My Intensive Routine

When I know I have a big shoot coming up or just an event I want to look good for, I have a more intense routine I use to target problem areas and really cleanse my skin. My first step is to apply my usual cleanser, but use the additional step of the Clinique Brush Cleanser – I have a specialty acne focused brush head but they come in different varieties. 
As a follow up I use a mask for whatever specific needs my skin is dealing with at the moment. My GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Mask is for when acne and blackheads are my main issue. I mainly apply it to my t-zone. My Origins Original Skin mask is great for when I have small bumps or irritations on the surface. Ren’s Evercalm mask is ideal for the winter months when my skin gets dried from heaters on at home and the wind outside.
The other add-ins I’ll use are a serum for the laugh lines I am definitely developing at my young age of 25, and a lip scrub like Seraphine’s botanicals. My #1 advice for this intense of a routine is NOT to do it the day before your event. A lot of times facial treatments bring out the junk that hangs out just below the surface of the skin, so the breakouts can be worse the day after.

If you use this routine, let me know how it works! What are some products you guys swear by?