Off Leash

One of the biggest draws for this trail is the ability for the pups to roam free.

2.5 Mile Loop
You’ll follow creek and prairie for about 2.7 miles from the parking lot.
170 ft  Elevation Gain

This trail is more of a leisurely stroll than an intense hike.

Turkey Creek Trail is nestled along City Park Rd – near Austin iconic sites like Emma Long Metropolitan Park and the Pennybacker Bridge. However, unlike either of those locales, Turkey Creek Trail has a pretty consistent low level of foot traffic/paw traffic (yes – the pups can roam free here. They’ll love the creek and the trails are well-maintained). And although the trail is on City Park Rd, there’s no admission fee for entrance (Emma Long does require a modest fee).


My tips:

  • Save the Google Map to your phone. There’s a couple of forks in the road along the loop that are not an intentional addition to the trail. Natural watershed has created a couple of ghost trails that will lead you astray. The map will keep you on the right track.
  • Don’t go here for swimming! The water levels in this area are pretty consistently low. Let the addition of a flowing creek be icing on the cake instead of the goal. 
  • Do the full loop. At the top of the trail there are some really incredible views into the surrounding canyons, and the fern wall really is worth the extra half mile.