Shaded Throughout

Tucked into the River Place neighborhood in the northwest hills of Austin, this shaded area is a gorgeous slice of hill country that stays relatively cool in the summer.

Highest Elevation Change

This trail is not for the faint of heart or those afraid of a workout. Even on the shortest trail, you’ll get a gain of about 530 – 700′ depending on where you end your journey.

Well Maintained Trails 

At points in the hike, the trail can get narrow and/or a little precarious. However, the dirt itself is packed really well and easy on the knees. You’ll even find trail runners in this park.

My tips: 

  • Pack plenty of water. The ups and downs of this trail make it a little more of an interval workout than most people are used to in a hike. You’ll want to stay hydrated.
  • Don’t come here for the swim. Even though there are definitely places where the water moves, the makeup of the trail makes it really susceptible to drought. Come for the hike, or visit another trail like Hill of Life for a swimming hole.
  • Start with a shorter trail than you’re used to. Little Fern, the shortest trail is a small but mighty push with a pretty dramatic elevation gain. This is much more of a hike than most of the trails in Austin. 

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