Look, I get it. You’re super cool and would totally never stoop down to nerdom. But when you get over yourself and decide to let your inner kid take the reins on your TV watching habbits, start with these shows. Nerdom is filled with super passionate, hilarious fans that will show you how community can really unfold around the shows we love.

4. Star Trek

Star Trek was my gateway drug into the world of science fiction. I picked it up after I started dating my husband because he and his dad had watched it together. Star Trek is a place for you to explore the wonders of the Universe and the infinite possibilities of the world around us. It’s not a drama even though sometimes it’s dramatic. You won’t be watching for the cast members. You’ll be watching for the world and a future that’s easy to want for yourself.


courtesty of Stark Trek Wiki Online

My tips:

  • Watch it in chronological order for the series: Enterprise, Discovery, Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager. The world building is intense when you watch all of the interwoven timelines unfold in order.
  • If you’re gonna pick one, pick Next Generation. It has the biggest tentacles in the sphere of the universe and is a perfect balance of cheesy graphics and imagination gone wild.

3. Battlestar Galactica

For those of you who just think nerdy shows don’t have substance, Battlestar is for you. There are love triangles and mistaken identities and political battles interwoven to this intense universe where humans and cylons fight for dominance. The series only lasted five intense seasons, so you’ll binge it quickly.

Battlestar Galactica.jpg

My tips:

  • This Nerdist list of essential episodes is golden for those of you who want to skim.
  • Get to know the actors from this all star cast – once you watch you’ll recognize that they’re prolific in sci-fi and fantasy shows.

2. The X-Files

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. Seriously. I grew up an hour away from Roswell, New Mexico so the answer is yes I 100% believe in aliens. I’ve been to the Alien Museum there a few times just to browse. Judge me if you must. But don’t judge the X-Files by their extra terrestial antagonists. The show is much less about the aliens and much more about the government conspiracy to keep the truth quiet. Scully and Mulder follow the leaks and create an incredibly addictive dynamic.

The X Files

My tips:

  • This Den of Geek list of episodes that pertain to the overall story arc is exactly what you need. The X Files differs from some of the other shows listed in that it can run like a crime show serial at times. These episodes pertain to the overall arc of the eleven-seasoned show.
  • Don’t watch for the romantic interest. That’s just not what this show is about and you’ll drive yourself crazy.

1. Supernatural

Anyone who knows me knows that Supernatural is my absolutely favorite show. There are thirteen seasons and I’ve probably watched the whole thing four times through at least. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a Christian background and love the idea of angels and demons and monsters that go bump in the night. Maybe it’s because I identify with the main characters’ struggle against destiny and fate to create their own life. Maybe it’s because I seriously love the actors who play the cast. I’ll let you decide your own reason to love Supernatural.


My tips:

  • Start from the beginning and watch all the way through. The world in Supernatral unfolds as the main characters begin to understand more and more of the truth. You get to learn along with them.
  • Follow the actors on social. They love their fans and are hilarious. Also, they’re all do-gooders with big hearts and causes worth supporting.
  • The first three seasons are scary, but the horror vibes definitely fade over time. Enjoy the campy feel of the early 2000s while they last.