ATX Life: Counter Cafe

My husband and I started going to Counter Cafe in college and we still make the trip to our favorite diner in town a few times a year. I order a breakfast taco and a chocolate chip baby cake (obviously with coffee). 

The original location is full of classic diner charm in a small brick building across the street from Book People.

East Side

Nestled in the middle of E. 6th’s blooming entertainment district is the newer location, one with a little more seating but the same menu. 

One of my favorite parts about Counter Cafe is that you can pretty much eat as cheap as you want, but everything is fresh and everything is delicious. But seriously, try the breakfast tacos. Splurge for the special of the day whenever you can – I’ve never been disappointed. Their burgers and their bacon are equal to each other. Think of this as classic American diner fare without all of the extra grease. Expect to spend about $30 for two people with coffee and enough food to make you full all day.


My tip? Go on a weekday to either location. One of my favorite parts of both locations is the charming spaces and the friendly staff – but the combo can make for an extra long wait on the weekends. Seriously though, it’s the best classic breakfast in town.