13676 Bee Cave Parkway
Bee Cave, TX 78738

Bee Cave 7From the parking lot, Central Park seems a little like a baseball complex without the fields. A playground, some fields, lots of sidewalk. But if you dive a little deeper, there is enough to make it worth your while to drive out of the city.

The sidewalk trails are actually sprawling, with 50 acres of trails providing a good running space for those who like runs closer to the 5K mark. There’s also two off leash dog parks, one for small and one for large. We went on a Friday night and our pups had free reign of the place. There is plenty of space to run and seating for the owners. My dogs happen to be completely indifferent to the whole concept of dog parks, but I would definitely recommend it to dog owners with more playful pups.

For those of you who are into group sports, the fields below are pretty well maintained, with minimum divets, making the area perfect for a pickup game of discgolf or football. At the end of the day, this might not be a place to just explore, but as a central hub for a city, Central Park definitely serves its function. Its not a day-hike, but it’s a great stop to get the family out of the house.

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