One of the coolest parts about Austin is thecreative spirit that just kind of clings to the air around here. It’s a place for risks and a community quickly forms any place where something fun and new breaks into the scene, especially our brewery scene
Stop by for a beer (or cider) and some people watching at some of my favorites:

Family Business Beer Company
19510 Hamilton Pool Rd, Dripping Springs, TX, 78620

Annie particularly enjoys hiding out under the tables out at Family Business.

I’ll admit it. I came here because I’m a huge Supernatural fan girl and this brewery is owned by Jensen Ackles and his wife. But I stayed for a few other things:

  • The location. Located on the route to Hamilton Pool Road, this beer stop is surrounded by some of the prettiest areas of Austin. The drive alone is worth the trip.
  • The beer. With Jensen’s notoriety comes a pretty constant ebb of customers, which means the brewery is always coming out with new drafts. I’m a big fan of their sour.
  • The vibe. My husband and I play cornhole out here pretty much every week to see who cleans the kitchen, and we aren’t the only ones just relaxing on the scenic property. Chill people gravitate toward the picnic tables and tree canopies.

Tip: The food truck on site is pretty decent Cajun food, but you’d be making a mistake to pass up Verde’s Mexican Parilla just down Hamilton Pool. Order their grilled chicken, thank me later.

Austin Eastciders
979 Springdale Rd, Ste. 130 ATX 78702


I found Eastciders on a night when all-female artists and a line up of all-female comedians were being featured. So basically, I was sold, but here are a few other reasons to love it:

  • The Austin Eastciders Collaboratory. The campus for Eastciders is a set of huge warehouses that include Friends and Allies Brewing, a rock climbing gym, a theatre and an event venue. The whole place feels kind of like a party your friends are throwing.
  • Gluten Free. Cider has the benefit of not wreaking too much havoc for the gluten intolerant (bare in mind sugar can do just as much damage). Bonus: their ciders are delicious.
  • Events events events. The community vibe in the actual construction of the collaboratory is carried through to the programming constantly going on at Eastciders. You’ll find something to do there every night of the week.

Live Oak Brewery
1615 Crozier Ln, Del Valle, TX 78617

The three best perks about this brewery nestled into southeast Austin are not completely unique to Live Oak, but a great draw nonetheless:

  • Disc Golf. Live Oak’s acres right across from the airport are sprawling – sprawling enough to have a nine hole disc golf course tucked away.
  •  Live music. The brewery is constantly having fundraisers and events (community building bonus points – and I would say 75% of the bands I’ve seen have been totally cool.
  •  Light beers. As we round into summer, I’ve pretty much decided I’m a huge fan of crisp, drinkable beers. Live Oak is German beer, and their menu includes plenty good for a hot day.

Tip: To go with their German beer, the brewery partners up with a German food truck. In general German food isn’t my favorite and this truck is a little agonizingly authentic. I’d come to the brewery full.