We’re breakfast people first and foremost, so my husband was very amenable to the idea of  ninety minute drive for one of Hill Country’s best breakfasts. While I don’t share in Zach’s love for German food, I’ll happily admit that Little Gretel’s pancakes where some of the best I’ve had.

The trip out to Boerne is about a ninety minute drive through scenic hill country if you choose that route (I recommend avoiding 35 – the backroads are kind of the main point of hill country adventures). While the estates around the San Antonio suburb are enough to look at in and of themselves, we didn’t really find anything super enticing about the town of Boerne itself as far as day trip fare goes. Even after the long drive, we found ourselves ready to make a quick exit after breakfast.


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BUT if you like antiquing, or cute little shops with not-so-cute prices, I recommend making the pretty drive. Even just window gazing I saw a few things I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection if our apartment could fit some more furniture and knick knacks (it really can’t though). Overall, it definitely wasn’t my favorite day trip so far – but the meal was definitely up there.