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Rating: 10/10

Photo credit: The CW

Can a show be both respectful and irreverent all at once? Supernatural’s long awaited crossover with Gen Y’s childhood favorite Scooby Doo did just that. From Reddit feeds to Twitter live tweets, even viewers who had dropped out of the Supernatural fandom came back to watch last week’s episode. In fact, it had the highest ratings since the Season 13 premiere.


Here’s my top five reasons why this was TV’s final hour:

  1. Dean’s absolutely not innocent crush on Daphne and his hatred for Fred
    The reminder that once upon a time we all believed that girls and boys slept in separate beds and Fred and Daphne were just magically together no matter what was hilarious in conjunction with Dean’s weird cartoon obsession. The attempted touches, the blatant flirtation, the constant cock blocks by Fred – the writers did a great job of milking that dynamic without going over the top.
  2. Velma’s thing for Sam and his broad shoulders
    “I should have known that Velma would be down, it’s always the quiet ones.” – Dean
    I think that pretty much sums up the hilarity of ever-grumpy, shy Sam getting a little too much attention from the other resident nerd.
  3. The ultimate combo of sentimentality and brutal reality
    When Dean and Sam arrive at the malt shop in the show, the viewers got their first real taste of the Scooby gang’s innocence. They’re celebrating Scooby’s inheritance. But Sam, so tethered to his own world brings up cancer and the newspaper not having any words. Yes, Sam we get it – but that’s not what Scooby Doo is for!
  4. Cas teaming up with Shaggy and Scooby Doo
    Popular online is the best line of the night “I once commanded armies, and now I’m partnered with a scruffy philistine and a talking dog.” Cas’ willingness as this super powerful being to protect the innocence of his cartoon friends is just the warmest and the fuzziest.
  5. Scooby gang’s existential crisis
    Though fixed by the guilty Supernatural trio, the “reality” of ghosts and monsters and all the things that go bump in the night completely rocks the world of the team famous for debunking mysteries. The panic, the pain, the confusion – “I could have been hunting dracula??” – are all part of the meltdown caused by a little TMI. Hey, as kids we needed the safe haven of mysteries without the bite of blood or gore. The Scooby Gang gave that to us.


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