Location Booking

Do you need a sound stage? Are you feeding your cast and crew with a kitchen? Do you need craft services included in your contract? What kind of lighting is available on site?

These are just a few of the concerns you’ll address when booking locations in Austin, TX. We know the right questions for booking a location for your production. Contract out this production work to us and save yourself the headache of booking production locations in Austin.

Cast and Crew

Need help putting together the right team for you project in the right budget? We can help find local talent to meet your needs. Our goal is simple: we want to prevent outsourcing and instead put Austin, qualified hires to work.

Be as involved as you’d like to be, or simply hand us your script, your specs for filming and your budget. Whether you’re a director who’d like to just walk onto a ready-made set, or you need a team to help – we’re here. Book our services today.

Permits and Paperwork

Permits and insurance are necessary hoops to jump through if you want to run a professional set in the Austin area. Whether it’s workers’ comp, business liability insurance or just filing for a permit with the city – getting you set legally ready can be a headache. When you book with our production team, we take that off your hands. Contact us for more information today.

Have an Austin area production need that isn’t listed above? Don’t worry, we have customizable packages.
Production services start at $100/hr negotiable in the case of large projects for multi-day discounts. Student-led, supervised hourly packages are also available for sliding scale projects.