My name is Madie Leon Riley.

As a professional, I am a Communications Director with years of content strategy design, multi-channel content planning, people and project management, social media marketing, email marketing and more.

I’ve worked on dozens of communications projects from annual report brochures, to feature articles for magazines, to designing those magazines, to wedding and headshot photography, to email marketing and eNewsletter design, and more. I take pride in being a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to communications and marketing. No matter the audience, I can craft a plan.

With that jack-of-all trades experience, I’ve moved into the strategic side of communications to get the right type of prospect through the door. In my current position, I more than doubled the amount of leads in a year, and lead a team with a conversion rate of up to 67% in several of our key industries. Pulling levers and making a long-term strategy are more energizing to me than almost anything else.

In my free time, I am a disabled, neurodivergent queer woman living in Austin, writing and creating works about social justice issues involving my intersecting identities and the US at large as well as quieter, interior pieces on the internal psychological and spiritual landscape. I am both the daughter of a Cuban immigrant and the granddaughter of generations of white evangelical Christians from West Texas. I feel the tension of these competing storylines within myself and try and express the process of untangling those inheritances through my work.

I am passionate about intersectional feminism and inclusivity, anti-racism and wrangling with the way capitalism defines our systems for self worth and shared societal ideals. As a person who battles depression and anxiety and other disabilities, I also write about coping with sadness and carving out space for different ways of being in our workplaces. I strive to help people live more freely in their minds and their bodies and to enact material change that enables that freedom in others. I’m currently focused on research and essays you can read on my Medium.

On this blog I keep a treasure trove of reviews for my favorite Austin restaurants, shops, breweries, hiking trails and more. I love being an Austinite and helping others discover this city. If you’re so inclined, you can also follow me on Google Maps, where my photos have 11 million views and I’m always updating my profile with my latest favorite spots.

When I’m not reading or writing, you can find me cross stitching and watching Star Trek, playing and creating music, training for long summer hikes, or out for long walks. When there’s not a pandemic on, you’ll also find me out and about Austin, supporting local wineries and restaurants and also my love of delicious, fresh food. I also volunteer with groups in Austin focused on racial justice and feeding the people. I am married to a beautiful Nordic-looking giant of a man and have two adorable pups whom I consider my fur children.

Read and watch my work to get to know me! Thanks for stopping by.