Internal Communication

As a corporate communication intern at Southwest Airlines, I wrote copy for internal communications that was circulated among their 45,000 employees. You can take a read of this article for the employee magazine at the link below.

Austin Fit Magazine – Articles and copywriting

Over the course of two years as a writer at Austin Fit Magazine I wrote a range of articles, from research summaries to pieces on fit couples to Team RWB, recently covered in The New York Times. You can check out some of those articles at the links below.

Surviving the Nonprofit Maze in Austin
Soldier, Fighter, Sufferer, Advocate
Fitness + Passion = Love
Best of 2012
Best of 2014 (Hired as Editorial Assistant for the full issue)

Blog Content

Local Austin Trail Guides
Blog content for local Austin trailheads. A huge SEO boost to my site overall, and a helpful resource for those who want to explore Austin.

ATX Life: My Favorite Dates
Blog content for Austin eats. Another SEO boost for the site composed of quality content. I would genuinely send friends and family on any of these date combos.

Editorial Content

As an editorial assistant I had the job of coming alongside some great writers and helping their stories be as relatable as possible. Here are some samples of works I edited and wrote the headlines for (copy includes headlines in accompanying image):

Mario Mendias, Building a Fit Nation One Meal at a Time

Track Star Leo Monzano Embodies the American Dream

Fighting for Farmers, (Bio) Fuel, and Hemp, Willie Nelson is Still Rolling

Slower Than Usual Swimming

Production and Editing Work

I collaborated with local influencer, Glitter and Lazers, to produce and edit this influencer video for American Eagle’s plus size line.