My name is Madie Riley. I am a disabled, neurodivergent Latina writing and creating works about social justice issues involving my intersecting identities and the US at large as well as quieter, interior pieces on the internal psychological and spiritual landscape. I am both the daughter of a Cuban immigrant and the granddaughter of generations of white evangelicals from West Texas. I feel that tension within myself and try and express it through my work.

I am passionate about intersectional feminism and inclusivity, anti-racism and wrangling with the way capitalism defines our systems for self worth and shared societal ideals. I strive to help people live more freely in their minds and their bodies and to enact material change that enables that freedom in others. I’m currently focused on research and essays you can read at my Medium. To support my work, you can become a Patron and receive bonus essays, article round-ups and more at

When I’m not reading or writing, you can find me cross stitching and watching Star Trek, playing and creating music or out for long walks. When there’s not a pandemic on, you’ll also find me out and about Austin, supporting local wineries and restaurants and also my love of delicious, fresh food. I also volunteer with groups in Austin focused on racial justice and feeding the people. I am married to a beautiful Nordic looking giant of a man and have two adorable pups whom I consider children.

Read and watch my work to get to know me! Thanks for stopping by.