What we did

I’m so excited to share this ad we created with Anna of Glitter and Lazers for American Eagle’s Extended Sizes in denim. When Anna reached out to me and explained the concept, I was immediately excited to create content for a national brand I wore back in the day. I was especially happy to partner with Anna to promote their effort to normalize the shopping experience for all body types in American Eagle stores.

Anna contracted Invalid Productions to handle videography, editing and location booking for the shoot. Anna is a major influencer and creator on Instagram and YouTube, and especially on TikTok. We came into the process as part of her effort to create higher quality content for bigger brands without adding too much to her own plate.

The shoot itself involved five hours at Caster Studios getting the footage, drinking hot cocoa and helping our girls (who were not professional models) feel comfortable on set. The studio in Dripping Springs had a great cyc stage for dancing and helping on-camera talent feel like they are a part of something glamorous. The girls involved spent at least a full hour of the day dancing; I obviously danced with them off camera. Anna had great interview questions for the girls on jean shopping, how they felt in the denim they were wearing and their views on American Eagle.

Unexpected surprises

As were sitting and commiserating about the terrible experience that is jean shopping, Anna happened to ask me what size I wear (16 short is my plus size), and pulled out a pair of jeans for me to try on. They fit, and were actually more comfortable than the jeans I’d arrived at the shoot in so I kept them on. We decided to include that in the video because of the light, playful tone we were trying to strike in this ad for American Eagle.

I made a little appearance on camera in my jeans, but you’ll also spot one of my favorite pieces of clothing: my graphic Love is Love t-shirt from Limbo in Austin. I love Edson and Anne, the married couple co-owners of both Limbo and Triple Z Threadz, so having them as part of my cameo was a really cool addition to the day.


Owning an Austin film and commerical production company is a weird place to be for someone who used to envision herself as an actress in LA. I came to videography by way of narrative productions, so I thought that I would likely hate the process of commercial work. Brand work is definitely different, but I found that even without a script you can help a story emerge. Our story for this video was three girls who’d never worn American Eagle jeans tried them on, liked them and felt good that a popular brand carried their size.

Narratives like the one we crafted in this Glitter and Lazers video for American Eagle are powerful in the way we think about brands and who we want to buy from. Working with this brand made me wish there were more Austin clothing companies 1) selling extended sizes and 2) including plus models in their work. I would be more likely to buy from that brand, and I know a lot of the viewers who’ve come to watch Anna’s video would be, too. We’re so thankful Glitter and Lazers hired Invalid Productions to be a part of the process.

Is your brand telling the right story?

Anna as the Glitters and Lazers brand communicates a clear message: plus size women are allowed to feel beautiful in their bodies and should buy from brands who encourage them to do so. Her partnership with American Eagle and this video are definitely reflections of that value and appeal to her existing audience. This is just one example of the way an influencer or a brand can create fun, engaging content that tells the audience more about themselves and introduces a product to buy.

Are you sharing the right story for your brand? Would more consumers/potential viewers be interested if you were sharing better stories like this one? It’s too easy and too affordable for your company to be missing out on creating quality content. Check out our productions services and videography services, then contact us.

What do you guys think of the video? Let us know in the comments below and comment on the YouTube original so we can keep sharing better stories.

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