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St. Martha’s is here and now available to rent or purchase on Vimeo OnDemand!

Our first direct-to-consumer TV pilot, St. Martha’s is a story about St. Martha’s is a story about strong women trying to leave their troubled pasts behind them. Dora (Kimberley Pember) owns a halfway house for women just out of prison – but her own past makes it hard for her to always do right by her tenants. A diverse female cast fills out an ensemble drama that offers a major twist in the pilot, and more to come.

Support our production when you purchase or download so that we can keep creating more content like this pilot! We made this for zero budget, so just imagine what we’ll do once we build interest in St. Martha’s and can fund bigger scope projects.

I wrote, edited, produced and acted in this story because I believe there is so much power in just creating a show around strong female characters. If you’re interested in being a part of what we’re creating at Invalid Productions, head to our About Us page to learn more about investing.

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