Introducing St. Martha’s – Invalid Productions first pilot

Who gets to decide when you’re forgiven?

St. Martha’s is the first of many Invalid Productions featuring a cast of strong, diverse women overcoming adversity. Led by a powerhouse cast of local Austin actors, we are so excited to share the story of Dora and the home she runs for women who’ve left prison.
Check out our trailer above and subscribe to stay up to date on the release of the pilot! We’ll be distributing through Vimeo OnDemand on November 30th.

This project was a labor of love in every way. I wrote, edited, directed, acted in, produced and pretty much birthed this episode into the world. When pilot season came around last year, I thought to myself: Why are there only roles for teenagers and teenagers’ moms? Women are so much more diverse than those two age ranges.

So, as an Austin female filmmaker, I wrote a script that would focus around women who were not your typical cast. I wanted them to be real (so real we didn’t wear makeup on set because we used natural lighting). I wanted them to be interesting. I wanted to put Austin actors and filmmakers to work with a story I saw having a lot of gas in it.

This pilot is our no-budget story that came from a group of people who cared about making something worth watching and buying. We’re excited to put it out into the world and raise the budget we’ll need to remake the pilot with our longterm cast and to make several more episodes a season. This Austin TV show is Invalid Productions first project as an Austin based direct to consumer studio; I think we’re starting out on the right foot.

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