Sip when:

  • Dean says, “Son of a bitch” or “awesome”
  • Bobby says, “idjit”
  • Someone mentions daddy issues
  • Sam gives Dean his bitchface or huffs
  • A female character looks at the boys like sex things
  • Dean objectifies a woman
  • Anyone on the show takes a drink

Drink when:

  • Anyone makes a really nerdy reference
    Nerdy Reference.gif
  • Sam or Dean get tossed across the room
  • Someone dies in the opening scene
  • Dean speaks with food in his mouth
  • Dean or Sam drop their weapon
  • Bobby is on screen without a hat
  • A monster gets their head chopped off
  • Someone gets possessed
  • Cas and Dean hold eye contact for a little too long

Chug or take a shot when:

  • One of the boys cries
    Single Man Tear.gif
  • An angel dies
  • A main character dies
  • Someone uses/mentions magic fingers
  • A love interest dies

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